Opera Prelude to Bring Back ‘OperaWorks’ This October

By David Salazar

Opera Prelude is set to present OperaWorks on Oct. 24, 2023 at the Chelsea Theatre in London.

The showcase will include a number of opera professionals and educations aiming to help opera students and early career artists in navigating the modern opera world. OperaWorks will include panels, talks, and workshops.

Industry participants include Elaine Kidd, Thando Mjandana, Camilla Kerslake, Héloïse Werner, Bill Bankes-Jones, Guy Withers, Isabella Pitman, Lottie Gulliver, Emily Gottlieb, Jorge Balça, Anna Patalong, James Clutton, Nina Brazier, Matthew Hargreaves, Michael Harper, Isabella Lockett, Melanie Lodge, Renato Balsadonna, Joshua Elmore, and Caroline Dowdle.

The event, which will be hosted by soprano, librettist, and producer April Koyejo-Audiger, will showcase a number of morning sessions for singers taking on issues of “finance and audition success to mental health.” There will also be a free conference entitled “New Directions: Making Opera for All” and a recital featuring the Opera Prelude Young Artists.