Opera Philadelphia’s ‘Rigoletto’ Ends in Marriage Proposal

By Francisco Salazar

Following a performance of “Rigoletto” at Opera Philadelphia, tenor Joshua Blue proposed to his girlfriend Ashley Marie Robillard.

As the singers took their final bows, Blue called Roillard to the stage stating, “Ashley Robillard, to stage. Paging Ashley Robillard.” As she went to the stage, he said, “You are the most incredible, brilliant, caring, creative, utterly chaotic person I’ve ever known. You make every single day an adventure that I want to last forever.”

As he proposed a man in a bear costume named Bobb Hawkey appeared from the stage right holding the ring.

Blue then asked, “Will you marry me?” and Robillard immediately said “Yes.”

According to Frank Luzi,  Opera Philadelphia’s VP of marketing, it was an “operaposal.”

This is the latest proposal to take place on an operatic stage. Earlier this season, Soloman Howard proposed to Ailyn Perez following the final performance of Puccini’s “Tosca” at the San Francisco Opera. Videos went viral shortly after.