Opera Philadelphia Launches Trailer for ‘Soldier Songs’

By David Salazar

Opera Philadelphia has launched the first trailer for its film version of David T. Little’s “Soldier Songs.”

The opera film, which is set to premiere on Jan. 22, 2021, will star baritone Johnathan McCullough, who is also making his directorial debut with the project. The project was originally set to be performed as a stage production that would travel and be mounted by several companies, but it was instead adapted into a film version due to the spread of COVID-19.

McCullough worked alongside producer James Darrah and director of photography Phil Bradshaw in creating the project. The film was shot on location at Brandywine Conservancy in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

“In choosing to produce the opera as a cinematic piece as opposed to a filmed staged version,” McCullough said in a press release, “it allowed us to bring the viewers eye to detail that would otherwise potentially be overlooked. I always find it interesting when productions no matter how grand, create an atmosphere that feels very immediate for the audience almost like they are on stage with the characters. Turning the opera into a film allowed us to do that.”

Check out the trailer below.