Opera on the Avalon Unveils Young Artist / New Commission Series

By David Salazar

Opera on the Avalon has announced its Young Artist / New Commission Series.

The new program aims to provide emerging artists with the tools and opportunities to develop and expand in their specific crafts. The company revealed that the participating artists in this inaugural series will include soprano Lucie Martin, mezzo-Soprano Camila Montefusco, tenor Michael Eusebio, baritone Luka Kawabata, and librettist Mado Christie.

They will collaborate with such composers as Mark Adamo, Rene Orth, Jennifer Higdon, and Jonathan Munro, and librettist Lila Palmer.

“At Opera on the Avalon, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration between young artists and renowned composers and librettists. By engaging in this dynamic interchange, we’re not just exploring new territory in opera and musical theatre; We’re providing a platform for emerging artists to be heard
and to shape the future of these art forms. It’s about amplifying their voices through innovative works and forging a legacy of creativity and exploration,” said Cheryl Hickman, the company’s artistic director, in an official press release.

“I’m so excited to have a chance to work with OOTA and their exceptional young artists on this project, focusing on the unique and breath-taking landscape and stories of Newfoundland,” added Orth. “It’s truly a rarity to find artist-driven projects that allow for risk-taking and freedom to grow creatively, and I can’t wait to share what our team comes up with.”