Opera on Tap Announces Virtual Playground Opera

By Francisco Salazar

Opera on Tap has announced the Virtual Playground Opera, a collaborative experience between students, educators, teaching artists.

The portal will be available for schools in Spring 2021 with demonstrations and tours of the portal set to being in December 2020.

The program will allow students to learn about the fundamentals of opera and take a deep dive into what a production entails. Students will also be able to sing, act, and dance in their very own video production of an opera and each student will get a chance to understand the beauty of opera and will be able to connect it to their own lives and communities.

The project will take place with the support and collaboration of New York City and neighborhood partners, as well as nationally recognized foundations and educational organizations, including the West Harlem Development Corporation, the Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation, Enduring Ideas Award from Teach for America’s Reinvention Lab, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Opera on Tap is also partnering with Plussed, and Teach fora America Reinvention Lab.

The program will be accessible through Opera on Tap’s web portal.