Opera Holland Park To Perform Verdi Requiem In Light of Grenfell Fire

By David Salazar

In memory of the victims of the victims of the Grenfell Fire, Opera Holland Park is slated to give a performance of Verdi’s Requiem on Tuesday, August 1 at 8 p.m. local time.

The performance will be given with the aid of the Rugby Portobello Trust with the intention of helping the community after the tragic incident.

“We are enormously grateful that members of our family of singers and musicians have agreed to donate their time and talent to help us achieve much-needed funds for RPT who were, and continue to be at the heart of efforts to assist the community affected by the fire,” says the company’s official website. All proceeds will be used with this very aim.

The performance will feature Yvonne Howard, Neal Cooper, Barnaby Rea and Anne Sophie Duprels as the soloists with the Opera Holland Park Chorus and City of London Sinfonia working alongside them. Sian Edwards and Peter Robinson will conduct the performance.

“The best way we know to commemorate and help the victims of this disaster is to make music, and so that is what we will do,” said director of opera James Clutton and general director Michael Volpe. ”There has been a lot of emotion in the company since the events of that day, and our friend and colleague is mourned deeply. The RPT deserve respect and admiration for everything they have been doing in the aftermath and we hope this event will provide the funds to help them continue their work in supporting the community.”

Tickets for the occasion can be purchased here.