Oper Frankfurt Ordered to Further Reduce Seating Capacity

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
(Credit: https://blog.oper-frankfurt.de/)

The government of the German federal state of Hessen has announced a decision to further limit a number of audiences at Oper Frankfurt.

Instead of 530 spectators there were allowed the previous week, the new government order allows only 250 spectators in the opera house starting Dec. 28, 2021. The current change is the third change to the State of Hessen’s Corona Protection Ordinance within three weeks.

Bernd Loebe, Intendant of the Oper Frankfurt, reacted with a clear frustration.

“If they don’t want us to play in front of an audience they should officially close us down and not hope that we will eventually give up,” said Loebe in a press statement.

The German federal government and Prime Ministers of German federal states have adopted new measures which will apply starting Dec. 28, 2021 onwards. Opera houses are allowed to stay open, and every federal state can bring the measures it deems epidemiologically appropriate.

The current seven day incidence in Frankfurt is 240.