On Site Opera Extends ‘To My Distant Love’ Song Cycle

By Logan Martell

Following 100 sold-out shows, On Site Opera has decided to further extend its run of “To My Distant Love.” The show will now run until August 23, 2020.

This 20-minute song cycle is unique in that it is performed live and over the phone for a single person at a time. The cycle draws six songs from Beethoven centered on themes of isolation, love, and lament; and is to be performed by either soprano Jennifer Zetlan, accompanied by David Shimoni, or baritone Mario Diza-Moresco, accompanied by Spencer Myer.

In a press release, On Site Opera General and Artistic Director Eric Einhorn noted, “Part of the early development of this project came from an effort to provide opportunities for our artists and to keep the organization forging ahead despite widespread closures. It is thrilling to see how the production has been received around the world, allowing for audiences and artists to remain connected through individual interactions.

“We took a risk and reimagined how opera could be presented by artists and consumed by audiences, and we are excited by the opportunity to keep the project going through the duration of this unprecedented summer.”