Obituary: Bayreuth Festival Spokesperson Dies

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: David Ebener/DPA)

Bayreuth Festival’s press chief Peter Emmerich has died.

The Bayreuth Festival announced the news of Emmerich’s death who served as the press spokesman of the Bayreuth Festival for 30 years. Emmerich began his work at the Bayreuth in 1989 after working at the Semperoper in Dresden.

In a statement, the Festival said, “The Bayreuth Festival is shocked and stunned by the sudden and completely unexpected death of the press spokesperson Peter Emmerich at the age of only 61.”
Emmerich served as a scientific adviser to the festival management and as editor of the program booklets. He was also the main contact for the press.
According to the festival he “he always knew how to find the right tone and the appropriate choice of words.” The festival also noted that he was also kind and had great humor and that he represented the Bayreuth Festival in a great way.

Katharina Wagner, director of the festival noted, “I am completely shocked. Incomprehensible. I’m lost for words.”