New York Opera Fest 2017: Hunter Opera Theatre Presents Two World Premieres

By Katharine Baran

This coming weekend Hunter Opera Theatre will debut two NYC opera premieres, “Fireworks” by Kitty Brazelton and “Lady Bird” by Henry Mollicone at Danny Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. The performances are slated to take place on May 11 and May 12, 2017, at 7:30 p.m.

“Fireworks” is a one-act comedic opera about the Fourth of July. It follows the main character, Alien, who travels around the world trying to understand why people shoot “colored lights” into the air every year on the Fourth of July. Billy Aronson is the librettist for the production.

Susan Gonzalez is the director of “Lady Bird: First Lady of the Land,” which was written by librettist Sheldon Harnick. Steven Crawford will appear as conductor for the show. This one-act opera is based on the events of Lady Bird Johnson, the First Lady of the former president Lyndon B. Johnson. Due to the controversy in passing the Civil Rights bill, Lady Bird Johnson went on her own train tour throughout the South, at times risking her life, for her husband to be elected.

Hunter Opera Theater is the resident opera company at Hunter College.  These two performances will kick off the 10th season for the Hunter Opera Theater and there will be more updates on what’s to come in coming weeks.

The performances are all part of the New York Opera Fest 2017.