New York City Master Choral to Present David Lang’s ‘The Little Match Girl Passion’

By David Salazar

The New York City Master Chorale is set to showcase “The Little Match Girl Passion” on Feb. 29, 2020 at the Church of the Holy Apostles in Chelsea, New York. 

The performance, the second of the company’s 14th season, will feature the composition by David Lang, alongside “Wanting Memories” by Ysaye M. Barnwell, “Horizons” by Peter Louis van Dijk, and “Lullabye” by Bill Joel and arranged by Philip Lawson. The concert will be conducted by Dusty Francis, Artistic Director of the New York City Master Chorale. 

“The program we have developed around David Lang’s breathtaking Little Match Girl Passion aims to help us collectively examine how we build our world for the most vulnerable around us – the promises we make to children, and the hopes we have for our future and theirs,” said Francis in a press release. 

“These a cappella choral works are a unique opportunity for our audience to hear the choir in its purest form, and we are eagerly preparing for the chance to share this music.”