New Orleans Opera Cancels Ballet of ‘An Homage to Josephine Baker’ Due to COVID-19

By Francisco Salazar

New Orleans Opera has announced changes to its “An Homage to Josephine Baker” performances.

The company noted that it was forced to cancel the ballet portion due to an outbreak of COVID-19.

In a statement, the company said, “We are very sorry to share the news that there has been a COVID outbreak within the ballet, so we are unable to perform the second half of our program.  However, we are still moving forward with the opera, Josephine.  We are fortunate that the final dress rehearsal was recorded, and we will send all ticket holders a link to view the recording of the ballet next week. We look forward to seeing you this weekend for Josephine, the opera!”

The opera “Josephine” by Thomas Cipullo will star Laquita Mitchell and will be conducted by Jeri Lynne Johnson. The production is sold out and will be held from Jan. 6-9.