New Music USA Announces Recipients of Creator Development Fund Grants

By Logan Martell

New Music USA has announced that they have selected 53 artists as recipients of the New Music USA Creator Development Fund.

Launched to support individual music creators who have lost work due to the ongoing pandemic, the fund totals $200,410 in grants. Of the awardees, 68 percent are artists of color and 51 percent are women. Over 1,100 applicants were reviewed by a panel comprised of 39 artists, composers, musicians, and administrators.

With an emphasis on removing barriers, applicants were given straightforward guidelines and asked to submit a brief project description and work samples.

A full list of the winners can be found on New Music USA’s website.

“The number and quality of applications submitted to our Creator Development Fund has been exceptional,” President and CEO Vanessa Reed said in a press release. “We’re hearing from a broader range of creators than ever before and their shared commitment to collaboration in these challenging times gives us inspiration and hope. Our only regret is not being able to support more of the 1,000+ applications to this fund. Individual artists need as much help as the organizations that put on their work – it’s the continued risk taking and creativity of music creators that enables the art form we love to keep evolving and bringing us joy.”