New Music By Verdi To Be Published Online

By David Salazar

Verdi was one of the most prolific composers in the history of opera. Spanning five decades, the composer created two dozen operas among other compositions.

And yet he left many works unfinished and abandoned, most famously his “Re Lear.” For years no one has known anything about that work, but that might just change with the announcement that 5,300 pages of notes will be digitized and released online.

Per The Times, for years those thousands of pages have been stored in a trunk in his house near Piacenza. They have been the subject of numerous legal disputes between his four heirs. Fortunately, the Italian government convinced the feuding family members to hand over the pages for preservation. Among these thousands of papers are 900 pages of notes on his final masterwork “Falstaff.” The instructions reportedly request all the documents be burned.

“I am 95 percent sure we will find as yet unheard music by Verdi in these documents,” Fabrizio Della Seta, an expert on the composer stated.

They will also give insight into Verdi’s creative process, which was kept under wraps by the composer throughout his life as he never divulged preparatory notes of any kind.