New Jersey Symphony to Perform at Alice Tully Hall

By Francisco Salazar

On July 20, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra will perform a concert at Alice Tully Hall.

Maestra Xian Zhang, Music Director of the Orchestra will feature soloists Shanghai Isaac Stern-winning violinist Nancy Zhou, Chopin-competition prize-winner pianist Chelsea Guo, soprano Esther Maureen Kelly, and tenor Yongzhao Yu.

The program, titled “East/West: A Symphonic Celebration,” will feature Chinese-French composer Qigang Chen’s “Er Huang” Piano Concerto, Copland’s “Appalachian Spring”, Jiping Zhao’s Violin Concerto and works by Sida Guo and Zhang Qu that feature traditional Chinese instruments (guzheng, pipa, flute, Xiao) alongside the symphony orchestra. Kelly and Yu will close the program with “The Song of the Yangtze River,” a traditional Chinese song by Wang Shiguang.

The New Jersey Symphony is currently performing park concerts.