New Jersey Association Of Verismo Opera Winners Of Its 30th Annual Vocal Competition

By Francisco Salazar

Opera legend Lucine Amara, Artistic Director of the New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera, announced the winners and the finalists selected in the company’s 30th Annual International Vocal Competition.

This year’s winners were baritone Gerardo de la Torre from Mexico and soprano Joowon Chae from New York, who tied for first place and will share a $3,000 award.

Meanwhile, tenor Tianchi Zhang of New Jersey was awarded third place and a $500 prize.

Among the finalists in the competition were  soprano Samarie Alicea (New York), tenor Hyunho Cho (New York), soprano Holly Flack (Midland, New Jersey), baritone Joseph Gansert (Bronxville, New York), soprano Hayan Kim (New York), bass Seunghee Lee (Austin, Texas), soprano Hyeree Shin (New York), and tenor Tianchi Zhang (Jersey City, New Jersey).

In a press statement Amara noted, “The New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera’s Annual International Vocal Competition displayed some amazing young talent.  Although the judges noted many of the contestants had not yet mastered the proper belly breathing technique, this issue was addressed to great success in the free master classes we provided to the singers.  It’s always a thrill to see the young people master a new concept so quickly.  Bravi to all!  We wish them great success in their future careers.”