New Camerata Opera to Premiere Opera Film ‘Julie’ In June

By David Salazar

New Camerata Opera has announced that it will be unveiling its forthcoming opera film “Julie” on June 4, 2020.

The opera film was directed by Chloe Treat and features music by Whitney George to a libretto by Wallis Darke. “Julie” will be presented at 7 p.m. on YouTube before it is entered in film festivals.

The work focuses on the life of Julie d’Aubigny, the first such attempt in the operatic form.

“Combining opera and film is incredibly exciting and challenging because of the way scale is clashing. I know this isn’t the rule…but at large, our modern eye is accustomed to naturalism and very intimate, nuanced performances on film,” stated Treat. “And opera is bigger than that. I dare you to sing opera naturalistically. You can’t. Just the task of producing those sounds asks your body and face to exist in a heightened and unnatural state. So what that means for me immediately is that this isn’t going to be ‘realistic.’ And thank god for that. We get to be theatrical and abstract in this space. That was such a fun place to get to start from.”

The opera film stars Danielle Buonaiuto in the title role with MaKayla McDonald, Stan Lacy, Victor Khobadad, Erik Bagger, Jay Lucas Chacon, Brian J. Alvarado, Samina Aslam, Nicole Leone, Heather Jones, and Cara Search among the other cast members.

Check out the trailer below.