New Camerata Opera Opens with French Double Bill

By Francisco Salazar

The New Camerata Opera is set to open its new season with a double bill of French one-act operas.

The double bill will include the rarely performed work “Faust et Hélène” by Lili Boulanger and Maurice Ravel’s “L’heure espagnole.” The opera will be the first time ever that New Camerata Opera brings its unique blend of immersive and fun performances to Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Music Director Kamal Khan and Stage Director John de los Santos will work together to bring the production together.

“Faust et Hélène” is a work with just three voices and is a rarely-staged work that offers a generous glimpse into the genius of Boulanger’s compositional skill. The work is a retelling of the story of Faust, focusing on the moment when Faust is persuaded by Méphistophélès to sign over his soul to eternal damnation in return for being shown one moment of true happiness.

Meanwhile, “L’heure espagnole” is set in a clock shop in central Spain and follows the fortunes of Torquemada, the hardworking clockmaker, as his young wife Concepción negotiates her way through her collection of ridiculous lovers.

The double bill will be performed from Sept. 16 through Sept. 24, 2022 at 8pm at Irondale Center in Brooklyn, New York.