New Camerata Opera Offers Series of Educational Opera Videos for Children

By Operawire Staff

New Camerata Opera has announced “Party at the Opera,” a series of six opera videos for children ages 18 months to five years old.

The videos are free, interactive, and available on YouTube. The series teaches kids the fundamentals of classical music, with each video covering a different aspect of opera.

The first installment, “Party at the Opera” explores music fundamentals such as rhythm, melody, and harmony with Barry Baritone.

In “Party at the Opera 2” children are taught the different songs found within opera, such as arias, duets, and choruses.

“Party at the Opera 3” sees the return of Barry Baritone with his friend Sally Soprano as they connect with Director Deb, a stage director. Together they learn how to make interesting performances.

Emotions in music are explored in “Party at the Opera 4.”

A special guest joins in the fun of “Party at the Opera 5.” The guest composes her first opera and receives a world premiere.

“Party at the Opera 6” features real-life production designers who reveal the behind-the-scenes secrets that make opera come to life.

Visit Camerata Piccola to watch.