New Camerata Opera Announces Major Collaboration With Librettist Lila Palmer & Composer Whitney George

By David Salazar

The New Camerata Opera is off to a roaring start with its new season. Weeks after a successful gala opening and its arts fair appearance, the company has also made strides on the audiovisual front with CamerataWorks.

On Monday, the company announced that it will be teaming with librettist Lila Palmer and composer Whitney George for a scene from the life of Julie d’Aubigny.

“Lila grew up an all singing all reading dress-up obsessed only child with no television, and like Matilda, exhausted her local library in a few short years,” says the company’s Facebook post announcing the collaboration. “She was thereby forced into storytelling! She lives to tell stories that elevate, enchant and illumine the world we live in, and is especially interested in concealed stories of identity and empowerment.”

Palmer is currently an artist-in-residence with the American Lyric Theater and is entering the second development year of the 2018 Composer Librettist Development Program.

New Camerata Opera is preparing for a season that will include a production of “Venus and Adonis” and “Savitri,” as well as “The Rape of Lucretia.”