Musicians Go On Strike At Lyric Opera of Chicago Over New Labor Agreement

By David Salazar

Things are getting a bit tricky at the Lyric Opera of Chicago after the Chicago Federation of Musicians (CFM) Local #10-208 went on strike.

This news comes after the company announced that it had reached a new labor agreement with many of the local unions, albeit with concessions that included reducing the personnel and potentially the opera schedule.

In a statement, the Lyric Opera of Chicago noted that it offered the CFM wage increases in exchange for reduced work weeks and increased schedule flexibility. The release notes that the American Guild of Musical Artists and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees both agreed to those terms.

But it does not seem that the CFM sees it the same way as the other unions and has taken action as a result.

“This unnecessary and harmful action may require Lyric to cancel performances. Ryan Opera Center, Lyric Unlimited and other related activities also will be affected,” said the Lyric Opera of Chicago’s communications department. “Additional updates will be provided as these determinations are made.”