Minnesota Opera Cancels ‘Voices United’

By David Salazar

Minnesota Opera has announced the cancelation of its upcoming performance “Voices United.”

In a press statement, the company announced that the March performance was canceled due to health and safety concerns after its previous production of “The Anonymous Lover” pushed the company “to the limit.” Moreover, the State of Minnesota is undergoing a surge of COVID-19 cases that makes it difficult for the organization’s testing and tracing protocols to be relaxed.

“Our company has become known for its agility in navigating this extended health crisis and has actively learned the full magnitude and complexity of proper health and safety protocols identified during its successful production of ‘The Anonymous Lover,’” said Minnesota Opera President and General Director Ryan Taylor in the statement. “When MN Opera announced its current season in June of 2021, it did not anticipate the extensive testing and tracing regimen that would be required to keep its creative workforce healthy during a new wave of viral proliferation with a variant as easily transmissible as Omicron. We realized that the size and scale of ‘The Anonymous Lover’ pushed our protocol systems to the edge of what our human and financial resources can sustain. At this time, properly executing a performance like ‘Voices United,’ with twice as many musicians and three times as many vocalists, is unfortunately beyond our capacity.”

Next up for the organization will be “Beyond the Gala” on April 2, 2022 and “Carmen” in May.