Michigan Opera Theatre Adds Screenings of New ‘Twilight: Gods’

By Logan Martell

Michigan Opera Theatre has announced that they have added free, live screenings of Yuval Sharon’s new “Gotterdammerung” adaptation, entitled “Twilight: Gods.” Taking place on Oct. 20 and 21, these screenings will be held at the Detroit Opera House and will allow the audience to experience the work from the comfort of a theater as a single camera will follow the work and cast through the Detroit Opera House Parking Center.

The additional screenings come as the event sold out within 32 hours, along with its additional performance.

“The unprecedented demand for tickets to this unique opera presentation in the Detroit Opera House Parking Center serves as an early indication of the public’s response to the new and engaging creativity that Yuval Sharon brings to MOT and our community,” says MOT President and CEO Wayne S. Brown.

“Twilight: Gods” stars Christine Goerke as Brunnhilde in this hour-long, English adaptation. Each scene will be accompanied by an original narrative verse by Detroit-based poet Marsha Music and will reframe the mythos of Wagner with the evolution of the city of Detroit.