Metropolitan Opera’s Sirius XM Only Available Via App After Radio Channel Removed

By Francisco Salazar

Sirius XM has announced that the Metropolitan Opera’s radio channel will be available exclusively on its app.

As a result, the channel will no longer be offered in car radios. Listeners who want to continue to listen in their cars will have to connect and listen to Met Opera Radio through the SiriusXM app via CarPlay. Other options will include using Bluetooth or connecting an Android phone.

The news has created outrage among opera listeners, leading to the creation of a petition.

The petition reads, “As a former member of the esteemed Met Opera, I am deeply saddened by SiriusXM Radio’s decision to remove the Met Opera channel from its lineup. This move not only deprives classical music lovers of their beloved station but also demonstrates a lack of appreciation for this timeless genre. It is disheartening that we are left with just one classical music station amidst hundreds dedicated to pop music, many so similar that discerning between them becomes a task for programmers alone.”

It continues noting, “The removal of the Met Opera channel is indicative of an alarming trend where profit-driven corporations overlook art forms that do not conform to mainstream tastes. According to Nielsen’s Music 360 report, 35% of Americans still listen to classical music (source: Nielsen). This significant percentage cannot be ignored and should not be deprived of their preferred musical content. We urge SiriusXM Radio to restore the Met Opera channel immediately and respect all genres’ diversity in its programming lineup.”

The Met will continue to stream 24/7 via its SiriusXM app and two Met Opera performances will be broadcast every week on SiriusXM’s Symphony Hall channel moving forward, on Sundays at 3 p.m. ET and Wednesdays at 9 p.m ET.