Metropolitan Opera Presents New George Condo Sculpture, Constellation of Voices

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: Courtesy of Expanding Canvas Inc.)

The Metropolitan Opera has unveiled a new sculpture by American artist George Condo: Constellation of Voices.

The new sculpture will be on view on the Met’s outdoor Terrace facing Lincoln Center Plaza.

The new work is part of the Met’s long-running visual arts initiative, Gallery Met and will be open to all guests at Lincoln Center Plaza.

Constellation of Voices is an abstract head, cast in aluminum and finished with gold leaf, presented on a custom plinth in faux limestone-surfaced aluminum. The sculpture was created in 2019 and measures 162 inches (13 feet, 6 inches) high by 82 inches (6 feet, 10 inches) wide by 73-1/2 inches (6 feet, 1-1/2 inches) deep and weighs approximately 1,400 pounds.

In a press statement Condo stated, Constellation of Voices “is the material form of sound … what it looks like and how it shines like gold when it is in perfect harmony…I wanted to reflect a mythological and abstract world from every culture composed of pre-classical civilizations, the chorus of Greek drama and the abstraction of modern day opera.”