Metropolitan Opera Guild to Present ‘A Festival of Puccini!’

By Francisco Salazar

The Metropolitan Opera Guild is set to present a recital entitled “Vocal Showcase: A Festival of Puccini!”

Guild lecturer Jane Marsh will be joined by young artists Zhanna Alkhazova, Kofi Hayford, Amanda Zory, Daniel Sutin, and Edgar Jaramillo. Craig Ketter will accompany on piano. The concert will showcase the singers in Puccini’s greatest and most beloved works.

The evening will also showcase the influence of 19th century Italian, German, and French symphonic and harmonic traditions in Puccini’s music, as well as sounds from other nations, like the famed composer’s use of American, Chinese and Japanese folk melodies.

The recital will be on Feb. 13 at the Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse on the 10th floor of the Rose Building.