Metropolitan Opera Chorus Releases Statement Following René Pape Comments

By David Salazar

Following René Pape’s homophobic comments on their Facebook post, the Metropolitan Opera Chorus has released a statement regarding the situation.

The ensemble posted, “The Met Opera Chorus social media accounts are for the celebration of opera, the chorus, and our fellow opera professionals. Artists from the Chorus run these accounts and we take great pride in representing, uplifting, and fostering a diverse and inclusive community. It is our responsibility to ensure these accounts remain safe spaces.”

Papé had made comments in response to the ensemble’s celebration of Pride Month. After being called out on social media and across several media outlets, Papé released a statement on Tuesday in which he apologized and also opened up about his problems with alcoholism.

“This inexcusable lapse in judgement happened in a moment I am ashamed of, and after so many years of struggle and public speculation I need to be honest with you and with myself. I am an alcoholic, and have struggled with depression for as long as I can remember,” Papé wrote. “I have fought on and off with a demon that brings out the worst in me. There is no excuse for any behavior that comes from this. I have no lasting victory over this demon, only a series of won and lost battles.”