Medici TV To Stream Barbara Hannigan in ‘Lessons in Love and Violence’

By David Salazar will present the premiere production of George Benjamin’s hotly anticipated “Lessons in Love and Violence” on Saturday, May 26 at 2 p.m. ET.

The opera, written by Martin Crimp will feature Benjamin at the podium of the Royal Opera House’s orchestra with Barbara Hannigan in the lead role. The work will be directed by Katie Mitchell with Vicki Mortimer serving as designer on the production.

The opera will also star Stéphane Degout as the King, Guylla Orendt as Gaveston and the Stranger, and Peter Hoare, Samuel Boden, Jennifer France, Krisztina Szabó, and Andrl Björn Robertsson. “Lessons in Love and Violence” was commissioned by six different institutions from five different countries. Per a brief synopsis, the opera’s story “explores the difficult choices of a king who must reconcile the political power he holds with his love for his family. His decisions throw his country into civil war, turning his wife and advisor against him and prompting his son to take action…”

Benjamin and Crimp’s most famous work is, of course, “Written on Skin,” which has been a runaway success.