Marcelo Lombardero To Host Mozart Recital At Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo

By David Salazar

Argentine director Marcelo Lombardero is set to present a recital of Mozart arias at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo in Bogotá, Colombia. The concert is set for Oct. 1, 2019.

Lombardero, alongside pianist Alejandro Roca and the Teatro Julio Mario’s Program director Juan Carlos Adrianzén, came together to select a group of young singers to perform in a workshop, with the hope of eventually featuring them in a Mozart opera with the company.

The singers include Karolyn Rosero, Ana María Ruge, Juan David González, Hyalmar Mitriotti, Julián Usama, Carolina Mantilla, Luis Carlos Hernández, Paola Leguizamón, Manuela Tamayo, Oscar Vargas, Rocío Quintero, and Felipe Cevallos. Roca will accompany the singers.

“Working with Marcelo is an intense and interesting experience because he is very clear on what he wants to accomplish with every singer,” said Roca.”