Marcelo Álvarez Releases Statement Regarding Teatro Carlo Felice Incident

By Francisco Salazar

Marcelo Álvarez has issued a statement after abandoning the stage during a production of “Manon Lescaut” at the Teatro Carlo Felice.

The tenor took to Instagram and said, “In my entire career, as you know, I have never made such a statement. I would like to begin my statement by humbly apologizing to the public for the inconvenience caused on stage and to all the staff of the Genoese theater.”

He added, “I am happy to have come to a meeting point with the Teatro Carlo Felice, realizing a replacement contract for which I am grateful to the management. This new agreement will allow me to perform two new future projects very dear to me – which is why I justify my absence on Friday, April 1.”

“I have always been allergic to stage smoke and this is attested by a certificate that I have always carried with me in all the theaters in the world since the beginning of the millennium, signed by the famous phoniatrist Maria Elena Berioli. Throughout the previous month, various rehearsals were performed and I was always in good shape, singing the role I had been hired to do and I did not receive any objections. In the performance of March 25 my vocal condition was in perfect condition. Once in the background, I began to feel a little discomfort, which worsened as soon as I entered the stage. It was an unfortunate evening.”

He added that he was disappointed by the news outlets “that said things about me without ever asking me” and he did not “understand how the productions conceived with smoking are possible in the current period with the current health restrictions.”

The statement comes after Álvarez abandoned the production of “Manon Lescaut” on opening night. The superintendent immediately made a statement noting, “The behavior of a tenor of international experience is astonishing who could have simply and easily understood the direction of the Theater. To respect the whole audience, he should have declared with sincerity that he did not feel well and taken his leave from the stage with dignity.”