Marble City Opera to Present ‘Heartbreak Express’

By Nicolas Quiroga

Marble City Opera will present George Lam and John Clum’s “Heartbreak Express” this October.

The opera, which is inspired by the documentary “For the Love of Dolly” and follows four super fans waiting to meet the iconic star,  will be screened at the Old City Performing Arts Center in Knoxville, TN.

In the opera, two characters win an essay contest that earns them a chance to meet Dolly Parton. One of them believes this encounter will change their lives. Meanwhile, two other characters create a new Dolly doll and seek to get the famed singer’s approval. The opera showcases these four characters’ encounter.

The work stars soprano Whitney Wells as Launa, soprano April Hill as Dariene, countertenor Min Sang Kim as Assistant, tenor Ben Rorabaugh as Travis, and baritone Daniel Spiotta as Don. Logan Campbell conducts and and Maria Barry directs.

The opera opens on Oct. 20 and runs through the 22nd.