Magic Circle Opera to Present Workshop of ‘Salome’ Retelling ‘Waiting for the Kick’

By Afton Wooten

Composer and librettist Ilima Considine’s new work “Waiting for the Kick” will be presented in a workshop on Sept. 10 at Magic Circle Opera in Portland, Oregon.

“Waiting for the Kick” recounts Salome’s story – one of the most eroticized stories of pedophilia, through the perspective of the teenage girl. Considine explains that her narrative showcases the “poisonous power structure which requires women to objectify both themselves and other women to survive.”

Together the composer and director/designer Jolie O’Dell set this age-old tale in a modern world of strippers and drug dealers. O’Dell says “Themes of violence against women, from dramaturgically impossible tragedies to staged and simulated sexual violence, abound in theater, but a new generation of writers, directors, and producers is sharply questioning and realigning the role of female pain onstage.”

Local artists are encouraged to audition for the workshop. After the workshop takes place “Waiting for the Kick” will begin the process of filming.