Los Angeles Opera to Present ‘Las Cinco Lunas de Lorca’

By Nicolas Quiroga
(Credit: Billy Yates)

The Los Angeles Opera has announced the launch of “Las Cinco Lunas de Lorca,” by composer Gabriela Lena Frank and librettist Nilo Cruz.

In this opera, which is a newly commissioned revision of a 2016 version, Frank reveals the life and death of the poet Federico García Lorca and reveals the political and cultural intolerance that he endured in Spain.

Matthew Diamond directed the film, working alongside dancer Irene Rodríguez, countertenor Jacob Ingbar, pianist Nicholas Roehler, and members of the Los Angeles Opera Choir.

“The music gives equal importance to the piano and the voices, lending the feeling of a mini-opera,” said Ms. Frank. “It is regal and proud, quintessentially Spanish in that way, before bursting into its full strength and power in the fiery middle, and then lyrically poignant in the dying moments of the finale. Throughout, there is virtuosity, whether suppressed or unleashed.”

“Las Cinco Lunas de Lorca” is the first of 10 commissioned works for the  Los Angeles Opera’s digital short series. The showcase will be broadcast online between December 11 to 25 on the company’s official website.