Long Beach Opera to Present Cinema-Theater Production of ‘Giustino’

By David Salazar

Long Beach Opera is set to present Händel’s “Giustino” starting on May 21, 2022.

The penultimate production in the company’s 2021-22 season will be directed by James Darrah and will be conducted by Christopher Rountree. The cast will star Anna Schubert, Orson Van Gay, Luke Elmer, Dante Mireles, Marlaina Owens, Sharon Chohi Kim, Amanda Lynn Bottoms, and Douglas Williams.

For this production, Darrah will use a hybrid cinema-theater mix in which the action of scenes will take place amongst the audience and in different parts of the Museum of Latin American Art, where the showcase is set to take place.

“The potential to craft layered, nuanced performances with the cast through incorporating cinematography as a tool within the operatic form is wholly exciting and I strongly feel it represents the future of opera’s (partially pandemic-fueled) new cinematic potential,” Darrah said in an official press statement. “‘Giustino is the perfect piece to embrace this new type of operatic experience: one that emphatically utilizes film and installation art as a tool to embed within Handel’s bold creation, as well as a canvas for the live music-making theatrical talents of Shelley Washington and Christopher Rountree as we work to craft a celebratory, sensorial, media-rich live opera experience.”

The production will also be performed on May 22 and 28, 2022.