little OPERA theater of ny Launches Streaming of Past Productions, Including Chevalier de Saint-George’s ‘L’Amant Anonyme’

By David Salazar

The little OPERA theatre of ny is set to stream several highlights from its past productions.

Among the operas that will be spotlighted are “Owen Wingrave,” “Piramo e Tisbe,” “L’Amant Anonyme,” and “Slow Dusk & Markheim.”

“Owen Wingrave,” performed in May 2019, features Robert Balonek, Michael Weyandt, Bernard Holcolm, Daniel Curran, Katherin Pracht, Augusta Caso, Daniel Klein, Matthew Curran, Janice Hall, Amelia Watson, and Tracy Cox, among others.

A year earlier, the company showcased “Piramo e Tisbe” with a cast including Sarah Nelson Craft, Kristin Gornstein, Summer Hassan, Kelly Curtin, Glenn Seven Allen, Brian Downen, Giovanni Da Silva, and Hunter Hoffman.

The Chevalier de Saint-George’s “L’Amant Anonyme” was presented in 2016 with a cast including Everett Suttle, Bernard Holcomb, Jennifer Moore, Jenna Siladie, Jesse Malgieri, Joseph Flaxman, Marie Masters, Lily Arbisser, Anthony Webb, Vincent Festa, and Aude Cardona.

Finally, the company’s double bill of “Slow Dusk & Markheim” was first presented in 2014. It featured a massive cast that includes Carolina Castells, Sarah Beckham-Turner, Janice Meyerson, Jennifer Roderer, Alexander Charles Boyd, Robert Balonek, John Kaneklides, Bray Wilkins, Jeremy Milner, Tyler Putnam, Angela Mannino, Marie Masters, Scott Six, Brent Reilly Turner, Matthew Tuell, and Marc Schreiner.