Little Opera Closes 8th Season With 4 Operas By Children

By David Salazar

The Little Opera is set to showcase a year-end concert featuring the original operatic works of students from elementary and middle school.

The performances are set for May 4-6 at the Children’s Creativity Center in California. Per a press, the performances will feature four mini-operas with unique plots. One will feature a snail attacked by wolves, while another will emphasize an old man with hypnotizing candy. There will be a stained crane in origami land and a missing father at the center of two other operas.

“It’s different than other teaching,” stated Gertrude Stookey, a 16-year-old who has been with Little Opera for over five years. “The students play such a role in making the show and have so much input. It makes me want to teach more, because you get to teach things you like doing yourself.”

This series of concerts will bring the eighth such season to a conclusion.