Lincoln Center to Premiere AI Opera ‘Song of the Ambassadors’

By David Salazar

Lincoln Center is set to premiere “Song of the Ambassadors” on Oct. 25.

The opera is billed as an AI opera, as it will blend music, science, and technology. K Allado-McDowell, an artist, author, and speaker, is the person behind the concept of the work, which was written in collaboration with AI language model GPT-3. The opera’s music by Derrick Skye will blend Ewe music with that of Ghana, Persian classical music, electronic music, and environmental sounds.

Audiences will have a chance to see AI-generated images as designed by Refik Anadol.

Performers include mezzo Laurel Semerdijan, alto Debi Wong, tenor Andrew Turner, percussionist Yuri Yamashita, flutist Fanny Wyrick-Flax, violinist / violist Josh Henderson, and Lincoln Center Chief Artistic Officer Shanta Thake will be the audience guide / EEG Test Subject / “Brainist.”