Lincoln Center to Feature World Premiere of Jonathan Dove’s ‘Search for Spring’

By David Salazar

Lincoln Center is set to present the world premiere of Jonathan Dove and librettist Alasdair Middleton’s “Search for Spring” on May 13, 2023.

The new community choral experience will be performed outdoors at the Josie Robertson Plaza and will feature 800 individuals composed of five community choirs. The work aims to explore the emotional toll of climate change.

“To begin with, it’s not quite clear what is shared and who’s responsible. Is somebody guilty,” Dove said in an official release by Lincoln Center’s representatives regarding his feelings about climate change and how it inspired this work. “Whose fault is it that there is no spring? Eventually, there’s a kind of unanimity in a sense of loss, but there’s no clear course of action until a group of teenagers appear, with a completely different sound – Young People’s Chorus of New York City. And they’re able to bring everyone together. It began out of the imagining of the sounds, or the possibilities – what’s so important for everyone to be singing about, what’s everyone getting so upset about? And there’s one very big thing that we are all anxious about. Sometimes it seems that a teenager is much more clear-headed about what we should be doing and what we aren’t doing. So it seemed fitting that the teenagers would be the source of optimism in the piece.”

The performance will feature such conductors as Colin Britt, Phillip Cheah, Tyrone Clinton Jr. Deborah Simpkin King, Francisco J. Núñez, and Carmen Romain.