Light Opera of New Jersey to Showcase ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder’

By Nicolas Quiroga

The Light Opera of New Jersey (LONJ) will present “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” starting on July 15 at the South Orange Performing Arts Center.

The Tony-Award winning operetta, which is based on Israel Rank’s novel, “The Autobiography of a Criminal,” will be directed by Joseph Hayward, with Griffin Strout as the musical director, Matthew Lynady as the choreographer, CJ Howard as the scenic designer, and Jason Tramm as the executive producer.

The work will feature James Conrad Smith, Joey Nasta, Rebecca Monk, and Sophie Thompson.

The work tells the story of the mild-mannered Monty Navarro who sets out to eliminate his relatives without getting caught, aiming to become the Ninth Earl of Highhurst.

The opera will run through July 23, 2023.

LONJ was established in 1995 by William Corson and Lauran Corson as a premier company for operetta, opera, and musical theater.