Leah Whitaker & Ikpemesi Ogundare Named to Major Positions With Toledo Opera

By David Salazar

Leah Whitaker and Ikpemesi Ogundare have been appointed to the positions of Development Officer and Finance & Development Administrator for Toledo Opera, respectively.

In her role as Development Officer, Whitaker, who has worked with the Native American Community Center of Central Ohio, will be charged with fundraising for the company.

Meanwhile, Ogundare is a Nigerian-American soprano who was recently named the winner of the Black Brilliance Competition and has performed with the American Institute of Music in Graz.

“The Toledo Opera staff and board have long prided themselves as being a ‘scrappy, little team.’ We have intentionally functioned with a reduced office staff during the pandemic and the ensuing economic uncertainty. But, we are now very cautiously increasing our bench strength and it is exciting to welcome both Leah and Ikpemes,” Executive Director, Suzanne Rorick shared in an official press statement issued by the company. “Leah has experience, contacts, and expertise to move Toledo Opera forward. Ikpemesi brings a tenacious, cheerful spirit to the Toledo Opera development team. I look forward to introducing them both to the opera patrons. They will absolutely love working with the team.”