‘La Zombiata’ To Receive Revival At WholeTone Opera

By Francisco Salazar

Jillian Flexner’s zombie spoof of Verdi’s most popular opera returns with the WholeTone Opera.

A year after premiering “La Zombiata: A Zombie Love Story,” the guerrilla opera company will present Flexner’s updated version with additional music written for this fresh rendition, and with UV reactive elements to bring the baroque apocalyptic wasteland into neon phantasma-gore-ical surreality.

The company produced the work in 2016 for Valentine’s Day and played sold out performances in Boston.

The contemporary opera boasts a cast two thirds female in a direct reversal of its counterpart, Verdi’s immensely popular opera, “La Traviata” working alongside the company’s mission to promote woman in opera. Flexner’s updated work offers a much needed taste of empowered femme perspective. “La Zombiata” takes the traditional opera love-triangle trope and twists it around. Where women would have been merely objects of affection, now they are active in moving the plot forward.

Performances of “La Zombiata” will be performed at The Rockwell, in Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts February 9th-14th.