La Monnaie to Hold Costume Sale

By Francisco Salazar

La Monnaie in Brussels is organizing its first-ever costume sale in 10 years.

The costume sale this year is a way of preventing the costume storage areas from overflowing. As the theater noted, “This preservation is not only important for possible reprises, we also archive the most iconic costumes and reuse a great deal of material for subsequent costumes. The fact that we do not only focus on costume creation, but also consider preservation to be important, is evident from the new costume reserve which we inaugurated on the roof of our Atelier building in 2021.”

All the costumes that are seen on the stage of La Monnaie are made in-house by the skillful hands of the company’s shoemakers, set designers, and costume designers.

This year’s sale will include costumes from past productions of “Aida,” “Foxie,” “Tannhäuser,” and “Lucrezia Borgia” and prices will range from 1 euro to 160 euros and every buyer is allowed to buy a maximum of eight pieces.

The costume sale will be held on May 7 at the Bazellaan.