L.A. County Announces Multi-Phase Reopening Plan

By Logan Martell

As theaters across the country remain closed and cancellations abound for most, if not all, of opera’s summer festivals, a silver lining may have emerged as Los Angeles officials have announced their plan to move into the second stage of their 4-part reopening process.

Beginning on Friday, May 8, the city will reopen stores that sell books, toys, clothes, music, and sporting goods, allowing customers curbside pickup. Golf courses, hiking trails, car dealerships, and flower shops will also be allowed to reopen with safety precautions.

While it has not yet been approved by officials, the next part of stage 2 will allow low-risk businesses such as offices, parks, museums, manufacturers, and art galleries to reopen. Stage 3 is projected to begin late this summer, and would include movie theaters, restaurants, schools, and universities in this process.

Stage 4 will see the reopening of larger entertainment venues, including convention centers, and sporting and spectator events such as the LA Opera and the Disney Hall; stage 5 would be the return of operations as usual in the county.  A projected date is not yet known, but many opera companies are cautiously eyeing the beginning of autumn to open their doors again.