Joyce DiDonato Set For ‘In War & Peace’ In Bogotá, Colombia

By David Salazar

Superstar mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato will be appearing in Bogotá, Colombia on October 16, 2019 with her “In War and Peace: Harmony Through Music” concert headed to the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo.

DiDonato will be accompanied by Il Pomo D’Oro and will perform the music of Purcell, De Cavalieri, and Handel, among others.

This is the latest stop in the famed program which has toured around the globe.

“DiDonato’s very personal staging of the “In War and Peace” show goes way beyond the American mezzo’s miraculous musical skills, as well as the traditional recital format. DiDonato is definitely not an artist who needs peripheral fripperies to enhance her performances as her inherent musicality and exceptional articulation of the text makes any kind of directional diversion essentially redundant,” stated OperaWire’s review of the concert in Istanbul.

DiDonato is coming off a big few months as she captured awards for Best Female singer at the Opus Klassik as well as the  at the Oper Magazine Awards.