Jose van Dam Launches COVID-19 Relief Fundraising Campaign

By Logan Martell

As the performing arts industry struggles due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Belgian bass-baritone Jose van Dam has launched a solidarity campaign to raise funds for artists affected by the widespread theater closure.

The campaign comes in partnership with the Union des Artistes du Spectacle in Brussels, with a checking account set up to receive contributions meant for expenses such as health insurance.

“I am an artist… happily retired!” van Dam wrote. “Fortunately, because I no longer depend on current events, or on anyone who can influence my future, which has become uncertain after this sad pandemic and the various restrictions that derive from it. I am retired, and very sad for all the other artists.

“Most of the time we artists are seen as somewhat crazy and carefree people. It is true that many times we are funny on stage. With the aim of amusing the spectators, but the artists who distracts you for a moment on stage later becomes a being of flesh and blood.”

Contributions can be sent to account number “ING BE41 3101 6452 3810.”