Joanne Evans & Micah Gleason to Present ‘The Fragile Femme’

By Nicolas Quiroga

Vocalist Joanne Evans and Micah Gleason will present “The Fragile Femme” on Dec. 6, 2021 at the Senate Garage in Kingston, New York.

“The Fragile Femme” is a night of immersive chamber music and dance-theater examining femmephobia and female experiences, both historical and contemporary. It features Evans and Gleason in collaboration with pianist Elias Dagher, and additional performances danced and choreographed by Matilda Sakamoto, Kevin Zambrano and Becca Hoback—the performance is staged by director George Miller.

The program will include musical settings and poetry readings by Hilda Doolittle, Georgia Douglas Johnson, Margaret Atwood, and others. The presentation also includes works by American composers George Crumb, Jake Heggie, Augusta Read Thomas, Annika Socolofsky and Sarah Kirkland Snider.

There will also be three commissions by emerging composers Loren Greer, Christopher Bell and Emily Boyaijan.

“Through exploration of music and texts spanning many years and vastly different lived experiences, ‘The Fragile Femme’ seeks to validate and uplift not only our natural responses to suffering of femme individuals, but also illuminate the strength that exists within those historically ‘feminine’ qualities. We as a society will find liberation in embracing the powerful qualities of the Fragile Femme — vulnerability, empathy, sensuality, softness — while imagining the abundant possibilities for femmes of the future,” Gleason told OperaWire.