J’Nai Bridges Speaks Out Regarding Difficulties in Housing for Opera Singers

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: Suzanne Vinnik)

J’Nai Bridges is speaking out about the challenges regarding housing and traveling that come with an international career as an opera singer.

The mezzo took to social media, and said, “As I prepare to press the button on Airbnb to book my next 3-month departure for work I am met with great frustration. When I tell people outside of the opera business that I have to pay for my own housing they are appalled and greatly offended on my behalf. Yes, opera singers literally pay double housing costs. Opera housing rent plus home rent/mortgage. The glamour of being an opera singer is not always so glamorous. It’s extremely expensive and I can think of many ways to alleviate this hardship on artists.
So many practices we consider “normal” are just really not acceptable and flat-right disrespectful.”

The mezzo added, “No, I do not want to rent my home apartment out when I’m away and I shouldn’t have to. No, I am not a trust fund child where my parents can support me with property. No, moving home isn’t an option. No, I shouldn’t have to contact donors for housing connections. And no, my fee shouldn’t be affected if housing is provided. Making sure artists are treated with complete dignity and respect should include a fee AND housing.”

The post has garnered the attention of many singers and industry people being shared over 63 times and garnering 100s of comments. Bridges recently attended the Kennedy Center Honors and made her Canadian Opera Company debut.