Jayden Goldberg Raises Funds For 4,000 Student Tickets

By Nicole Kuchta

As part of her senior-year project, soprano Jayden Goldberg, who plans to pursue vocal studies at Boston Conservatory, raised funds to provide 4,000 student tickets to high school students attending Fort Worth Title I schools.

“Everyone deserves a chance to experience the story of human drama as told through the beauty, artistry, and passion of a live opera,” says Goldberg.

Fort Worth Opera will be hosting Student Night at the Opera performances this spring. Students will be able to attend the final dress rehearsals of “Porgy and Bess,” “El Pasado Nunca Se Termina” (“The Past Is Never Finished”), and the world premiere of Rachel J. Peters’ “Companionship.” According to the press release, the performances “will be combined with classroom studies, encouraging further engagement with opera and appreciation of diverse cultural identity – Texas ranks second in the country in cultural diversity.”

General Director Tuomas Hiltunen adds that “Fort Worth Opera’s goal is to expand opportunities in order to achieve positive impact and nurture the next generation of opera lovers.”