Jakub Hrůša Extends Contract with Bamberg Symphony Orchestra

By Francisco Salazar

Jakub Hrůša has extended his contract as Chief Conductor of the Bamberg Symphony until 2029.

The contract was extended at the Bavarian State Ministry alongside Markus Blume, Bavarian Minister of State for Science and the Arts and Artistic Director Marcus Rudolf Axt.

The contract extension reflects the wish of both sides to continue a flourishing artistic partnership. Hrůša began his tenure with the orchestra in September 2016 and won international acclaim with the orchestra in recent years.

In a statement, Markus Blume added, “It must be a kind of love: the connection between Jakub Hrůša and the Bamberg Symphony is something very special. Jakub Hrůša gives the Bamberg Symphony sound and soul. The fruits of this inspiring partnership can be seen in countless outstanding and moving musical moments that delight audiences in Bavaria and far beyond! I am delighted that this connection is now being continued,” says Blume. The Minister of State for Science and the Arts also thanked artistic director Marcus Rudolf Axt, who, together with Jakub Hrůša, leads the orchestra with a keen sense and genuine passion.

Jakub Hrůša added, “The beautiful collective of the Bamberg Symphony, the musicians, the management, the whole institution with its public, has become a warm and harmonious home for me. Our work together has been a really thrilling adventure in seeking for and finding, new trajectories of programming, novel recording projects, representing our culture abroad, and community-building. We have so many amazing plans together that several lifetimes would not be enough for fulfilling them. For this and many other reasons I feel happy that we will continue to be such a beautiful team and that I am extending my tenure in Bamberg for three more years. I cannot wait to deepen my profound relationship with my orchestra.”