Ivan López Reynoso Under Investigation at Bellas Artes

By David Salazar
(Credit: Jesús Cornejo)

A previous version of this article claimed that Ivan López Reynoso was being invested for sexual harassment. That is incorrect information as there has been no mention of any sexual harassment in this case. OperaWire has amended the article using the terms used in both Spanish and their English translations. 

Ivan López Reynoso, Music Director of Opera de Bellas in Mexico City, is under investigation for questionable behavior.

In a recent report by Excelsior, the Consejo Ejecutivo Nacional del Sindicato Nacional de Grupos Artísticos de Bellas Artes (SNGA) sent a letter to Lucina Jiménez, head of the INBAL, in which there were accusations against López Reynoso to a member of the National Dance Company. The original report by Excelsior uses the words “violencia de género,” which translates to gender-based violence.

However, per Reynoso’s representatives, in communication with OperaWire, the memo issued by the SNGA’s uses the term “malas practicas” (poor behavior) and that the original accusation made by the member of the National Dance Company uses the term “abuso de poder” (abuse of power).

The SNGA has asked that the Bellas Artes cut ties with López Reynoso and that he apologize to all dancers involved. Meanwhile, the INBAL has asked the conductor to suspend any performances while the investigation is ongoing.

López Reynoso responded to the accusations noting that the report was biased and that it is under investigation by the ethics committee. He also told the Excelsior that he hopes everything will be cleared up following the investigation.